my name is

Inass Abubkr

I’m a junior-year student at the Faculty of Information Technology, Misrata University who majors in Internet Systems. I love coding (specially when the code is colorful!) and designing and my ultimate dream is to work at Google one day!

I speak Arabic, English, PHP, ASP.NET, C++, Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, T-SQL, MySQL, and a little bit more. I can also do Adobe Photoshop, Dream weaver, Audition and Flash. I have a decent experience in building and developing websites through the projects I’ve been given in class both using ASP.NET and PHP, and I’m passionate and ready to learn and do more!

I’ve made this website to be based on the original website of the Movie, Hidden Figures. It was a class project for the Electronic Services class in the spring semester of 2016/2017.

Note: I don’t own any of the content published on this website including posts, videos, pictures, everything belongs to their rightfully owners.